9 Colliepuppies born 17.04 2009 !- 9 collievalper født 17.04 2009 !


Elvis - 13 Monate
Lundecock's Too Smart To Handle



DYCh  Camaro Rock n'Roll

"Elvis"  tested MDR +/- korklass 1


Millie best Collie in show our region 2005! Nr 3 in 2006!

Oppdrettet hos Elin Wormnes og Peter Rongved

Puppy pictures

Pedigree  Millie



Steadwyn Diamond Lover

                                                                   Int & Fin & N & S Ch
Golden Mist Black Lombardi
Int & Fin Est Ch  FinW-87-88-89 Niittykasteen Sensaatio
Steadlyn Silver Brocade
                                                          Steadwyn Snow Feelings Steadlyn Record Breaker
Steadlyn Snow Flurry

                                                      Lundecocks To Hot to Handle

                                                                        Lynnfield Last Magic Brilyn Field MarshallCEA:Free  
GBCH Lanteague Black Magic at Brilyn
                                                                Lynnfield Noisy But Nice NL CH LUX CH INTCH GlenMorristone’s Fortune Teller
Lynnfield Bitter Sweet

Pedigree  Father "Elvis"  Camaro


Ch. Scottlyme
Xby Chance

HD-A, CEA/PRA-free

Brilyn Chance Again
at Lynsweed
Tashadon George Wahsington
Ch. Lanteague Black Magic
at Brilyn
Ch. Harriet Showpuppet

 HDA, CEA/PRA-clear

Ch. Mallicot Sticky Finges
Q´Cathy de Gold Collies

Dt.-Jgd.Ch. Camaro
Now or Never

HD-A, CEA/PRA-free

Ch. Xotic Lover of Slatestone
HD-B, CEA/PEA-free
Ch. Ridings Deep in my Heart
Unchain my Heart of Slatestone
Fresena´s Quite Surprise

HD-A, CEA/PRA-free

Endless Design Mambo Man
Fresena´s Fly-A-Way HD-A, CEA/PRA-free


Name 4 M / 5 F Colour Eyes
Corsica Monte Cinto av Vikholmen Blue Merle male CEA/CAT FREE
Cherokee Chief av Vikholmen Tricolour male Mild CEA
Cactus Cane av Vikholmen Tricolour male Mild CEA
Cristo d'Count av Vikholmen Tricolour male CEA/KAT FREE
Cõte d'Azur av Vikholmen Blue merle girl Mild CEA
Cierra Leone av Vikholmen Blue merle girl CEA/KAT FREE
Cordelia Mon Cherie av Vikholmen Tricolour girl CEA/CAT FREE
Ciara Chanel av Vikholmen Tricolour girl Mild CEA
Celeste Chamonix av Vikholmen Tricolour girl Mild CEA

Deutscher Jugendchampion - Clubjugendsieger 2008

(all pictures is Camaro Collies property)

Elvis - 13 Monate  Elvis - 13 Monate

HD-A, CEA/PRA - free (ECVO) MDR + /-   Körklasse 1

Elvis - 13 Monate Elvis - 13 Monate

Elvis - 13 Monate Elvis - 13 Monate

Elvis is a beautiful collie with a nice expression and has very nice almond shaped eyes and his ear carriage is perfect.

He is 59 cm tall, and has a beautiful tri colour.

(left) Camaro rock n' Roll - Elvis        (right) Camaro Romantic Rose (sister of "Elvis")

Tysk Ch (VDH) Luxemburg Ch Tysk JCH Camaro Now or Never (mother of Elvis)

Elvis with his sister and mother

"Elvis" father  (photos property of Scottlyme collies)

Int.NL.Belg.Lux.Champion DVCh Scottlyme Xby Chance - HDA, CEA/PRA-clear 

Top Winning Collie in Belgium in 2002 Top Winning Collie in the Netherlands in 2003

Brilyn Chance Again at Lynnsweed

Ch. Harriet Showpuppet