New pictures of the puppies - 2 weeks


New pictures of the puppies 1 week


New pictures of the puppies.

Makeover of the Litter page :-)

Four new exports added

One new Import added


The PUPPIES are born!!!

7 puppies born, 3 girls and 4 boys - (1 red boy)

New picture of Sabotage


soooooon puppies :-) Kali is so ready for her babies now, but still very calm and sweet :-)

Results from Nordic Winner show in Sweden:
Ch Mission Impossible av Vikholmen: Exc - CC - res.CACIB and 3rd best male.

Ch Matrix Revolution av Vikholmen: Exc and 3rd in ch class
Play Boy av Vikholmen: Exc and 2nd in junior class

Congratulations to Anita, Ingrid and Tarja :-)


Helsinki Winner show

So proud breeder today, Two times Helsinki winner 2015 !

congratulations to Tarja Hellberg with Mission Impossible av Vikholmen  - BOB

and Kennel Artfulfoxs with Play My Game av Vikholmen  BOB !



We are expecting puppies in December :-) ! Kali had her ultrasound in Portugal

and there was a little bunch in there <3


WOW !!!!! What a weekend Vikholmen had in Denmark !  31.10.15 and 01.11.15

Two new Champions, two new junior Winners and a new title for Dustin.... just so so so happy !

Thank you Paul Lawless for thinking so highly of our dogs

Dustin Dream av Vikholmen : CC - CACIB - BOS - Danish Winner-15
Play Girl av Vikholmen: CC - Danish Junior Winner-15
Mission Impossible av Vikholmen : CC - 2nd best male res.CACIB
Matrix Revolution av Vikholmen: CC - CAC - 3rd best male - NEW DK Champion! (the day after his brother)
Play Boy av Vikholmen: CC - res.CAC - Danish Junior Winner.15 ! 4th best male.

Congratulations to Anita, Kjersti and Tarja, it has been a great weekend with lots of laughs and fun -

ringside and in the house we rented - and thank you Grete for a great time as always


Great results for the Vikholmen team in Denmark today

Mission Impossible av Vikholmen : CAC CACIB BOS and new Danish Champion! Congratulations to Tarja
Play Boy av Vikholmen: excellent CC and 5best male. Congratulations to Anita
Matrix Revolution av vikholmen excellent and 3rd best champion
Play Girl av Vikholmen Excellent CC and 3rd best female , congratulations to Kjersti

And of course lots of congrats to Alyn for BOB Groenendael and Tanja for BOS Tervueren and the new Champions to both


Norwegian Winner show today

Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen BOB, CACIB and Norwegian Winner 2015!

Movie Star av Vikholmen 2nd best female with CAC and Res.CACIB,

Kick Start Karma av Vikholmen CC and 4th best female!

Matrix Revolution av Vikholmen CC, res.CACIB and 2 best male.

Kennel Vikholmen Honour Prize in breedees class - and best breeder.

No love for any of the juniors or Dustin...

Congratulations to Connie, Linda and Ronny, Anita and June

Movie Star av Vikholmen


Nice show weekend:

Saturday it was special show for Collies in Bergen .

We showed only Sunresc Lace Back to Fame in veteran class, and she was BOS veteran!

Sunday was the annual BSBK show and we had entered Dustin Dream and her daughter Play Girl -

She got Excellent in junior class and Dustin was BOB and BIG4 ! Very nice day



Sad to tell - today the great Fakaiser's Yorry d'Yavo went over the rainbow bridge.

He was born 13.04 2000 so he has had a long and good life.

We had him living with us for two years, and then he moved to co-owner Anne-Lise and Jostein.

Yorry was Norwegian Champion and also Selected in France and Holland (s.r - p.E)

He had four litters in Norway



NKK stavanger INT show

Dustin Dream av Vikholmen was awarded BOS and CACIB

Daughter Play Girl av Vikholmen got excellent in junior class, not bad witour any coat

Jackpot av Vikholmen was (again...) 2nd best male with res.CAC and res.CACIB

so close, but also so far away...

Seabounds Lady Rose did very well, and got excellent, CC and winner of junior class and 3rd best female :-)

New pictures as well of:

Seabounds Lady Rose - Sabotage de la Terre Sauvage -  Mission Impossible - Just Like Madonna

Poitry in Motion - Power Play - Play my Game - Play Boy - Play Girl - Jet Rider


Mission Impossible has been to Finland at an INT show, he got Excellent - CAC - CACIB and BOB !!

Congratulations to Tarja!


More glory for "Power Play av Vikholmen" with 3 x BOB puppy, 2x Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex and

 Reserve Winners in Canada last weekend  Congratulations to Line Roberge

New pictures of Jet Rider av Vikholmen (USA)

Kathadins daughter: Reinette of Anduin has been to her first show in the states and was awarded

Best puppy in Sweeps and best of winners



In Australia has AUS CH Love Song av Vikholmen got her first litter - all black

3 boys and two girls :-) - Congratulations to Kathryn Winton :-)

Congratulations to Line Roberge with Power Play av Vikholmen

and his new title Junior Champion! with 2 x BOB an 1 x BPG!
words from Line: Wonderful Weekend at FCC show.
Power Play av Vikholmen (Helly) got his FCC Junior Champion
He received the rating excellent from 4 judges and a lot of positive comments.
He won 2 X BOB and 1 X BPG


European Dog Show EDS in Oslo-Norway:

EDS Norway for the Vikholmen team: Two New European Junior Winners!
Play Boy av Vikholmen and One More Kiss av Vikholmen,

congratulations to Marit Aslesen and Marianne Ono Njøten and Anita Ragnarsdotter

kennel Vikholmen BOB breeder.

Matrix Revolution av Vikholmen Exellent and winner of open class. res CACIB 2nd best male
Mission Impossible av Vikholmen Exellent and Second best in open class.
Dustin Dream av Vikholmen second best in champion class.
Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen Winner of Open class and 2nd best female with res CACIB


Fantastic day for the Vikholmen dogs today at the special show in Norway at EDS:
Kennel Vikholmen HP and BIS breeder
NDCH Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen was BOB and BIS !
One In A Million av vikholmen CC, BOB and BIS 3 junior,
INTCH Dustin Dream av Vikholmen CC and 4th best female
NCH Kick Start Karma av Vikholmen 4th best champion
NCH Just Like Madonna av Vikholmen CC and 2best female open class
NCH Mission Impossible av Vikholmen CC and 3rd best male
NCH Matrix Revolution av Vikholmen CC and 3rd best Champion
Play Boy av Vikholmen Excellent and best junior male

Lovely day around the ring, congratulations to all winners !!!


Jackpot av Vikholmen had a great day in obedience; 230 points and class winner!

Our puppy plans are updated :-) We are so excited for this litter :-)

New pictures of:

One Day in Paradise av Vikholmen

Play My Game av Vikholmen


Love Love Love av Vikholmen got 2 x BOB in Norway, now she needs the

Major CAC to become Norwegian Champion - Congratulations Sari!!!


Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen: Hips B and Elbows 00

Now we can reveal our plans that we have had for so long :-)


Went to the French Nationale Elevage in Aubigny-Sur-Nere this year also.

Its such a great place to meet people from all over the world.

I had a great time :-) thank you Tanja for a lovely weekend.

and Ronny for great driving :-)

Sabotage de la Terre Sauvage has got his own page :-)

New pictures of Power Play av Vikholmen


NUCH Nordic W-14 Mission Impossible av Vikholmen CC - BOB in Stockholm

Congratulations to Tarja :-)


Love Love love av Vikholmen: CC and BOS in Kajaani Dog Show  Finland

Judge Marie Butler, Ireland: Lovely, sweet feminine head with good eyes.

Good pigmentations. Good scissors bite. Nice square built/body.

Using her ears very well. Good movement.


Today at the BC show in Drammen, Mission Impossible av Vikholmen got his final CAC

and is now Norwegian Champion also!!! And BOB 

so so happy. Congratulations toTarja Hellbergg Judge today Anette Bystrup DK



Jipppppiiiii NLK drammen today, NJV 12 Just Like Madonna av Vikholmen BOS CAC

and Norwegian Champion today! !!!!

NORDIC W 14 Mission Impossible av Vikholmen CAC and BOB and BIG 4 !

judge Ilona Onstenk-Shenk

Congratulations to Tarja Hellberg



Quantum Leap has been to his first puppy show in Sweden, and he did good!

BOB puppy and HP - Congratulations to Janet Johansen


Tiny trip to the swedish special show on our way home from vacation

Dustin Dream av Vikholmen was 2.best female, BOB champion and BIS champion!

Mission Impossible av Vikholmen got Excellent, not in his best coat today

thank you Tarja Hellberg for your great hospitality, we look forward to seeing you in Bergen :-)


We welcome our new boy to Norway soon

Sabotage de la Terre Sauvage !!!


Matrix Revolution av Vikholmen : BOB CAC and Norwegian Champion today!!!!

Congratulations to Anita and Lars-Erik - so happy for you  - His beautiful handler was Ingrid :-)

Play Boy Av Vikholmen was 2nd best male with res.CAC


Congratulations to Kathryn Winton with her new Australian Champion.

One Black Night av Vikholmen "Omen" went with me to Netherland when he was almost 10 weeks

to Monique and Kayleigh and stayed there until he was old enough to go to Australia,

they did a great job,with him, and he almost went straight out of quarantine in Auastralia

to win his first show, and in record time ( I think) he got his championship and also herding test.

Congratulations to you both.



Congratulations to June and Anne-Lise with their BISS NJV-13 Kick Start Karma av Vikholmen

who became Norwegian Champion (BOS - CAC - CACIB) today in Trondhjem !!!

(Revloch Zidane x Dustin Dream av Vikholmen) - 4th Champion in the litter



Congratulations Pat Morgan and Lynn South with the new title to Prada -

Grand Champion Daring Devil av Vikholmen !


First of all: Congratulations to Johanna Tolonen and Paivi Mattila

for BOB and BIS puppy to  Play My Game av Vikholmen at the Finnish special show  !!!

Quantum Leap av Vikholmen - also at a show today, in Sweden , and was BOB puppy with HP

Congratulations to Janet :-)

New pictures of:

Play Boy av Vikholmen

Play Girl av Vikholmen

Poitry In Motion av Vikholmen

Playing For Keeps av Vikholmen

Seabounds Lady Rose

Love Love Love av Vikholmen

Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen

Movie Star av Vikholmen

Mastermind av Vikholmen

Mission Impossible av Vikholmen

Matrix Revolution av Vikholmen

Katahdin av Vikholmen

Kick start Karma av Vikholmen


Rovaniemi Int Dog Show. : "Chili" Love Love Love Av Vikholmen

BOS CACIB Judge Niksa Lemo, Croatia. - Congratulations Sari Kestilä



Missioin Impossible av Vikholmen got his 1 price at wild game tracking - Congratulations Tarja :-)


Avesta Sweden today: Mission Impossible av Vikholmen: Excellent - CC -CAC - BOB and BIG4 !

Congratulations Tarja Hellberg :-)

Poetry In Motion av Vikholmen: BOB - BIG4 puppyshow :-)

Congratulations to Pia Hunshammer


"Chili" Love Love Love Av Vikholmen won BOB - CAC and BIG 1 !

today at a show in Norway - Kirkenes Dog Show - Judg: Leif-Herman Wilberg.

Congratulations Sari Kestilä  - so proud of you


And in Finland today, the lovely.. Love Love Love av vikholmen "Chili"

at the Muhos Dog Show, judge Marianne Holm got
BOB and CAC.

"Balanced built up a good type of bitch. Good head and expression.

Stylish upright neck. Excellent spacious correct shape of ribcage.

Good bones. The tail should be moving a little more restrained.

Right quality of coat. Moves with ease. Assertive behavior."

Congratulations to Sari Kestilä


Int show in NKK Drammen today Judge Torsten Lemmer It
NJW-12 Just Like Madonna av Vikholmen: Excellent CC CAC and Res.CACIB, 2 best female.
Matrix Revolution av vikholmen :Excellent, CC CAC res.CACIB and 2 best male
INT CH Dustin Dream av Vikholmen: Excellent CC 3rd best female.
Puppy show: Play Boy av Vikholmen: BOB and BIG 2

Congratulations to Anita Tjolahopp Ragnarsdotter - 

thank you so much Ingrid Lucy Larsdotter for great handling


Jackpot av Vikholmen Obidience - Winner of level III - 241,5 points Congratulatins to Ingrid :-)


Int.show in Sweden today: Congratulations to Tarja Hellberg with CACIB and BOB

with Mission Impossible av Vikholmen and CACIB and BOS to Joy Ride av Vikholmen.

Congratulations to Anna Mann


At the special BSCA 2015 he was Reserve WD, Can. Ch. Kon Tiki Av Vikholmen

Congratulations Cindy :-)


Play Boy av Vikholmen: BOB puppy :-) and brother of our Lucy

Seabounds Lord Crawley was BOB and BIS2 puppy

Congratulations to Anita :-)


WOW - 3 x BOB today for our lovely girls

Show in Bergen, NDK - were BISS Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen got two! new titles!!!

She is now Norwegian and Danish Champion -

Congratulations to Linda and Ronny (kennel Nadjarah)

Play Girl av Vikholmen: BOB puppy and Seabound's Lady Rose : BOB puppy !!

All with very nice critiques from Wera Hubental

Did not stay for the finals, it was a very cold and wet day in Bergen today....


Kon Tiki av Vikholmen (the Viking) won open dog class and was Reserve Winners dog

at the 2015 BSCA National yesterday:-) congratulations to Cindy Bazin


Brisbane Valley Kennel Club Championship Show .

Judge: Mrs S.Tringham: Challenge Dog - BOB - BIS junior in Group - BIS junior in Show



Show results from Australia: One Black Night av Vikholmen:

Crows Nest Ag Show . Judge: Mrs M Morphet :   Winner of Challenge Dog - BOB

One Black Night (Omen) in Australia :-) - and some new photos of him.

News from Australia :  One Black Night av Vikholmen HT : Hips A2 - Elbows 00

Congratulations Kathryn Winton He also won BOB under Julie Fynmore Saturday !


Challenge Dog and Best of Breed under breed specalist judge, Mrs Julie Fynmore (Beljekali)

at the Working Dog Club of Qld Championship Show


ONE BLACK NIGHT AV VIKHOMEN HT (Imp Nwy) known as "Omen".


New photos of our house in the spring :-)

All the puppies have now left for their new homes, we wish them all the best :-)

Love Love Love Av Vikholmen
today Finnish Character test +221 points.
Judges Jari Keinänen and Maarit Salla.

1.Functional Capacity +1a Moderate
2.Tendency to aggressive behavior +1a
Low without any post-attack aggressiveness
3. Desire for defense +1 Low
4. Desire to fight +2b Moderate low
5. Nerves +2 Moderate calm
6. Temperament +3 High
7. Mental hardness +3 Moderate hard
8. Accessibility +3 Kind, accessible, open
Reaction to shots *** Secure to shots


New photos of Quiet Exit av Vikholmen


Great show weekend! Special show NBFK in Bergen

judge Cath Bond 

The results for the Vikholmen dogs! :

BOB and BIS puppy: Play Girl av Vikholmen !!! BOS puppy: Play Boy av Vikholmen (Ailo x Dustin)
Best In Show !!!: Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen (Bono x Yatzie)
BIS2 Junior: One in a Million av Vikholmen - and CC 4th best female.

Kick Start Karma av Vikholmen: CC and 2nd best open class
Dustin Dream av Vikholmen: CC and 3rd best female -
Matrix Revolution av Vikholmen: CC CAC and 3rd best male
Jackpot av Vikholmen: CC res.CAC and 4th best male
BIS breeder !!: kennel Vikholmen with:

Moulin Rouge, One in a Million, Matrix Revolution, Kick Start Karma -
I am sooo happy - thank you Cath for a great day - Critique:

This breeder group is a credit to the breeder, with all dogs of excellent breed type,

Beautiful head types of the breed. Excellent shapes and all have wonderful character.

the future of belgians is in good hands.

And meanwhile in Australia, "Omen", One Black Night Av Vikholmen ventured out to

meet sheep in the herding trial ring for the first time and easily earned a Pass for

Herding Instinct which meant he could upgrade to attempt HT Title).

He qualified with 2 PT passes this weekend. Omen earned his HT title on his first weekend

out at herding. Yippee!

Kick Start Karma av Vikholmen

New pictures of Play Boy av Vikholmen - Play Girl av Vikholmen

One In a Million av Vikholmen

The puppies 7 and 8 weeks :

7 weeks photos are with the girls, but 8 weeks, its only the boys left :-)


New pictures of two of the beautiful "Play" siblings

Poetry In Motion and Play My Game av Vikholmen

also one new of Viking - Kon Tiki av Vikholmen


New pictures of the puppies 6 weeks


New pictures of the puppies in the lovely weather in Bergen :-) 5 weeks old now :-)


New pictures of the puppies - 4 weeks :-)

Mission Impossible av Vikholmen - BOB and CACIB in Sweden today - Congratulations to

Tarja !

New pictures of One Last Dance av Vikholmen


New pictures of the puppies. Now they are soon 4 weeks

De vokser så fort nå, helt utrolig. Har begynt med valpemat, og det elsker de.

Nye bilder i dag, siden det er et slikt vakker vårvær i Bergen i dag. Litt vind, men

det gikk så fint :-)

Been to Crufts this year also, and it is so nice to meet everyone, even met Zulu

"One Last Dance av Vikholmen" and he was soo happy to see me again, it was so sweet

Zulu was awarded 2nd best male puppy - Congratulations to Mandy, Nicky and Cath :-)

Dustin was also entered, and she was also 2nd best in Open class :-) Not much coat at the time....


New pictures of the puppies - two weeks.

Its a really rainy day and the wind is dreadful also - even so, we got to take some new

photos of the beautiful babies,. :-)

Some new pictures at the Export page


Pictures of the puppies one week :-)


In March we can celebrate our 25th anniversary as breeders, the time has gone by so fast

and it has been for the most part very nice. Lots of friends made in connection to our dogs and breeding.

Thank you all for beeing a part of our life :-)

The puppies are born !!!! Friday the 13th they came in to the world with a bang :-)

3 boys and 2 girls - all so perfect :-)


Poetry in Motion has been to her first puppy show and was BOB !! Congratulations

to Pia Hundshammer !!

New pictures of:

Play Boy av Vikholmen

One Day in Paradiese av Vikholmen

January: NED CH AMCH Daring Devil av Vikholmen - Show in Illinois - USA:

day 2: Select 3 point major - Day 3: BOB and 5pt Major ! Not long to his

Grand championship :-)

One In a Million broke her front leg January 17th - Operated 19th

All is well so far :-)


NEWS !!! Matrix Revolution av Vikholmen (Luavjans Bono the One x A-Te-Ell's Madame Yatzie) :

Hips: AA - Elbows: AA and Eyes Clear !!! Congrats Anita !! - 2nd in the litter all Clear

Leonardo av Vikholmen ( Neo x French Touch du Bois du Tot) Hips AA -and waiting for the elbows


Almost forgot these wonderful news :

17.01.2015: Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen got two new titles in 2015 already

BOB and Mediterranian Winner 2015 for Norman Dechumere

and the next day she got BOB - Porto Winner 2015 and BIG 2 !!!!

28.12.2014 Movie Star av Vikholmen was BOS with CAC at the Christmas show in Oslo

Congratulations to Connie Larsen :-)

4.01.2015 Mission Impossible av Vikholmen was BOB with CACIB and got CRUFTS

qualification for 2016! at the INT MyDog show in Sweden. Congratulations to Tarja :-)

He also became a father for a lovely interviarity litter at kennel Kiosan's

two Groenendael males, one Groen female and two Tervueren males

Kathadin av Vikholmen also got his first babies - four lovely red babies :-)


Our new Collie girl has arrived from Sweden!

Her name is Seabound's Lady Rose (Lucy)

Thank you so much Micael and Fredrik for this beautiful girl!

She is co-owned with Kaja Lossius and will live with her :-)

Take a look at her :-)

The magnificient Kali Krazy Kiss av Vikholmen has a new title!

She was BOB and Mediterranian Winner 2015 today, so proud of her

Congratulations to Joao!!

New photos of One Black Night av Vikholmen and One Moment in Time av Vikholmen


Happy New Year :-)

After some issues with our internet cable we are finally online again :-)

It looks like we are expecting puppies in the new year, we are so excited to have these puppies.

They will be after the handsome NOCH DKCH GCH R.H Neo and the sweet and beautiful

NUCH NBFKW-12 Girl Power av Vikholmen

We expect so much from these puppies, as always :-)

A lot of our dogs did make a mark in the year that has passed :-)

Top female Show Groenendael in Norway 2014: Kick Start Karma av Vikholmen

Top female Show Groenendael in our region 2014: Moulin Rouge av Vikholmen

Top Obidience in our Region level 2: Jackpot av Vikholmen - nr 5 in Norway

# 2 Show in our region Groenendael: Jackpot av Vikholmen

# 3 female show in our region and # 14 in Norway; Girl Power av  Vikholmen

# 17 in Norway: French Touch du Bois du Tot

# 21 in Norway: Just Like Madonna av Vikholmen

# 27 in Norway: Dustin Dream av Vikholmen